This important article by L. Ron Hubbard offers a refreshing new approach to managing your finances and getting out of debt, and explains why some people get heavily into debt while others become financial successes. Review this site and see for yourself.     Review    Help    Feedback  


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Money – a lecture by L. Ron Hubbard

Judging from the duress and anxiety associated with money, few people are aware of its real purpose and function. As L. Ron Hubbard delineates its proper role in assisting the survival of individuals, groups and cultures, what becomes clear is that money owes its unsavory reputation not to its use, but to its abuse. Here, then, is an entirely new look, demystifying a subject and commodity that everyone depends upon. And as for what follows from that, listen and see.

Subjects include:

        • Money management
        • How production relates to income
        • How to organize and manage any activity for optimum success
        • What money really is and what makes it valuable

This is vital data for anyone living in a materialistic society.

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The Problems of Work

The Problems of Work

Work is a large and important part of life for nearly everyone. It also can be a major source of upset, anxiety and frustration, and thus become a major barrier to spiritual progress. Those who do not like work usually do not enjoy life. This important book analyzes and explains the relationship between the individual and his work. It shows exactly what job-related factors can lead to exhaustion and discomfort and provides exact procedures the reader can use to overcome them. And it demonstrates how one can regain his enthusiasm for work. In The Problems of Work, Mr. Hubbard isolates the problems encountered on the job—whether on the assembly line or in the CEO's office. He offers solutions to frayed tempers and the common feeling that one cannot possibly accomplish all there is to do. This book uncovers the way to handle the confusions that surround a job and opens the doors to efficiency. In fact, within these pages one will find the keys to success and personal satisfaction.

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How to Live Though an Executive

How to Live Though an Executive

This book is temporarily out of print. Please check back later.

Organization Executive Course volumes

Organization Executive Course Volume 0

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