This important article by L. Ron Hubbard offers a refreshing new approach to managing your finances and getting out of debt, and explains why some people get heavily into debt while others become financial successes. Review this site and see for yourself.     Review    Help    Feedback  


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Examples of Condition 1 Rip-Off Exchange:

  • A man walks into a convenience store and pulls a gun on the clerk behind the counter. The crook takes all the money from the cash register and runs out of the store. The crook has given nothing in exchange for the money. This is "rip-off" exchange.
  • A couple moves into a new apartment complex, but find out they have lousy TV reception. Their neighbor introduces himself and says that "the entire floor has free cable" and all they have to do is connect to the main wire and they'll have free cable also. The couple feels this is no big crime, and does it. Yet they are receiving a service without paying. This is "rip-off" exchange.
  • A person decides not to work, but to collect welfare instead. This person is giving nothing in exchange for money from the welfare agency. This is "rip-off" exchange.
  • A person has been getting deeper and deeper in debt every year and finally decides that something has to be done about it. He declares bankruptcy and gets permission from the court to not pay his creditors. This is "rip-off" exchange.


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